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Update and warning about the swarm of FAKE GBX emu sites!

Update your bookmarks because we are

With our growing popularity grows the number of fake and copycat sites. That is why we reserved this info domain so it doesn't fall victim to scavengers like the ones residing at that's with a dash, who stole the name an whole pages were ripped from our site and that was stolen from us by emuvortex. They are pretending to be affiliated with GBXemu but they are not. All they do is take advantage of our name and try to fool you into visiting their websites - so please ignore them and remember that the one true GBX emulation websites has always been and hopefully will be forever at WWW.GBXEMU.COM


gbxemu news archive

Mr Driller 2. Quite a fun game where u drill towards the earth to save yerself.
23.07.2005 GBC Roms

18.07.2005 New Roms

Dragon Warrior III, Pokemon Emerald Souls, FireRed LeafGreen Version, Sigma Star Saga. Ace Combat Advance , DBZ Dragon Ball GT: Transformation, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Mega Man Zero 4, MegaMan Battle Network 5: Team of Blues, Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament, Mario Party Advance.

full news

GBXemu.NET was owned by us (GBXemu.COM) untill it was stolen by people who turned it into a fake site pretending to be connected with us.

Added Pokemon Emulator dotCom to our friends list. Can download an emulator for every Pokemon game there starting from Red, Blue and Yellow and ending with Ruby, Pokemon Emerald, Stadium, Ranger and Mystery Dungeon for DS.

Some old newsfrom 2001.

sorry guys ... these past few days virus has been atacking our servers and also the whole world. This virus is called the SirCam virus and if u ever get an email saying "i like your advice on this file" do not execute the file coz its a virus. For more details please go to website and look for SirCam virus and download the to fix the virus if you are infected by them.

so back to the point .. our server is back online and now we have our own domain for those guys who havent noticed yet our new domain is please update your bookmarks and also please subcribe to the mailing list for newsletter from The news letter is located at the frontpage. Here are some links to remember incase our site is down then you'll have a backup site :


these are the two servers that is always updated and incase one of them is down the other might be up so just remember these 2 URL. We'll be putting up our website later on to the whole world so that each of u can have access to their pariticular GBXemu access to your local country.
thats it for today :)

Our server was down for some time yesterday... Today it's working but with some problems. But the good news is that we finally have our DOT COM Update your bookmarks because now we are :)

Dream GBA BIOS for download is now available at GBA-emu section :). Thanks to Spy .. he got pissed of cause ppl always asking it in the forum and he's note was "dont request anymore in the forum" and he's right coz its here already for u guys to download. So look no further is your solution. -xAix-

Problems with our main server are solved! The server was so slow because of the attacks by some suspected emu vortex hackers - their ISPs have been warned and the attacks have been stopped... The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap gba rom Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of -Gboy-

Kakureon has started the issues about pokemon dark and pokemon rainbow so now please all of u please tell us what do u think about it. Click the link here below and read about these stuff:

Forum Pokemon Diamond & Jade
Forum Pokemon Dark/Rainbow Issues

Uploaded 31 romz for GBC. Sorry been busy for a while. More updates coming soon.
Pokemon Ruby Version, Pokemon Emerald. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past rom, Poke Sapphire Version, Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team of Colonel

more old news archive ...


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